New vendor for post-payment claim and COB reviews

Starting in June we’ll be working with The Rawlings Group

Starting in June, we’ll be working with The Rawlings Group, a payment integrity services vendor, to help identify claim overpayments related to coordination of benefits (COB).

Annual compliance website review

Annual compliance website review

Annual compliance website review

Unlock wellness rewards in 2024

Here’s some ways members can earn rewards this year.

Here’s some ways members can earn rewards this year.

2024 member ID card for IFB plans

Here’s how these cards are different

As we continue to align with our partner Medica, we’re issuing new 2024 member ID cards for Individual and Family plans and assigning new group numbers and member IDs.

Individual and Family Plan Books for 2024

Share with your clients

WellFirst by Medica Plan books are now available to order, but you can also send digital flipbooks to help your clients get the information they need fast.

2024 Medicare and IFB sales materials

What to know for Medicare and IFB OEP

Sales kit, booklets, and forms for Medicare will be available to order or download through the Marketing Hub beginning Sept. 25 for newly contracted Medica brokers.

New 2024 IFB customer care number for members

Creating better ways to serve our members

A new customer care number for 2024 IFB questions and information for members and prospects is opening on Oct. 1, 2023.

Product updates for 2024

Product updates you should be aware of for 2024

Here are some product updates you should be aware of for 2024.

Medicare Marketing Compliance

CMS clarifies definition of marketing

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released a memo clarifying the definition of marketing that applies to and may impact materials for WellFirst Health Medicare Advantage (MA), and Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) plans.

Using gated content to generate leads

Learn what gated content is and how to use it to grow your audience

Gating content is a common lead-generation strategy used by businesses to collect valuable data on potential customers and build their email marketing lists. Learn how to use gated content to generate leads.

Social media tips for business success

The social media tips you need to know for 2023

Social media is at the center of our culture, for both businesses and consumers. Let's discuss a few ways that you can utilize social media to grow your business in 2023.

Connect with your audience by using a strong communication strategy

Four tips to help jump-start your communication for 2023

Creating a solid communication strategy will help you to gain more insight into your audience.

To achieve your goals, think SMART

Create SMART goals that can lead to effective productivity

If you haven’t started planning your 2023 goals, now is the time.

Member receiving liver transplant marks new 'birthday'

An up-close look at a member's story

Our Care Management team delivers year-round assistance to health plan members who need help to navigate challenges to their health. They help hundreds of our members each year—through pregnancy, diagnosis of chronic or life-threatening conditions—by facilitating communication with providers, and much more. The following is one story of a member who had a village of healthcare professionals help them, including our Care Management team.

Social media

A key lead generation tool you need in your toolbox

A news article about how to use social media to aid your business.

Maximize your reach with seminars and webinars

How to incorporate both of them.

Maximize your sales and marketing reach with both seminars and webinars.

3 Low-cost digital tactics to market your business

Grow your business without breaking the bank

Marketing in today's world does not have to be expensive or complicated to be effective. Leverage low-cost marketing tactics to get your business recognized in the market and start bringing in leads.

How referrals can increase lead generation

To succeed and grow your business, you need to care for your current and prospective clients.

With the right nurturing, a lead can become a long-term client. We’ll bring you a series of marketing content designed to generate more leads to help you continue cultivating your client base in the coming months.