Medicare Advantage vaccine coverage from Medica Central health plan

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Important message about what you pay for vaccines

Our plan covers most Part D vaccines at no cost to you — even if you haven't paid your deductible. Call the Customer Care Center listed on your ID card for more information.

How are vaccinations covered?

Members can find covered vaccines listed in our formulary. A new preventive vaccine may not specifically appear in the formulary, but we may still cover the vaccine. Contact our Customer Care team at 877-301-3326 (TTY: 711) to find out about coverage. Your plan covers both Part B and Part D vaccines at $0.

Your Benefit allows you to get your preventative vaccines at your network retail pharmacy or at your doctor office during a regular visit.  

 Our plan provides preventive coverage for certain vaccines at $0, including:

  • Influenza: once per flu season
  • COVID-19: per CDC guidelines
  • Pneumococcal: once per lifetime with high-risk booster after five years
  • Hepatitis B: for persons at intermediate- to high-risk
  • Other immunizations are covered under Medicare Part B only for those who meet coverage rules and are at high risk

See your formulary for a full list of covered vaccines at $0 copay.

Learn more about the benefits of vaccines and immunization from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Vaccines and Immunizations: The Basics.

Questions? Contact us.

Talk with our Customer Care Center at 877-301-3326 (TTY: 711).

8 am to 8 pm weekdays (year-round) and weekends (Oct. 1 – March 31)

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